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This installation consists of 3 canvasses conceived as a triptych, depicting the artist.

Clear references to the portraying of 'the female' in art history are present. For each canvas, the artist is the focal point of the composition. Depicted floating in the air, there is a clear reference to the saintlike, innocent Virgin Mary figure. Is the female being adored or denounced and persecuted? Various symbols of female oppression and the adoration cult are present. The egg, the offspring, the bared breast, liquid dripping and many more are symbols of procreation, fertility, a traditionally female responsibility.

The broom, demonlike appearances and mysterious hand gestures are symbols of the mystique of the female or the desecrated witchcraft. This accusation was used as a pretence for a century spanning massacre of independently thinking women.

The male gaze is very present in the three canvasses, sometimes staring, confronting, sometimes averted in ill-placed idolisation. Architectural elements represent the stark patriarchal society.

The images are surrounded by a white border, suggesting the narrative and inviting viewers to create their own.

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