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Folded : Whites testifies to the intense dialogue Cop has with herself in her practice, work and space. Even more than within the Bountiful series, which mirrors a throwaway society of luxury goods from former colonial areas, the artist here on her own reality. Aware of her position as a privileged person white woman, she chooses to do just that which is historically derogatory considered 'feminine': the art of decorating. At the same time, the artist points to her own privileged position, which offers her the opportunity to make this kind of exhibit within the comfort of the institute of contemporary art world. A world in which she also moves. The white in the work not only functions as an echo of the white box, but means more: “White is a luxury, a privilege”, says Cop about this, “it expects a certain sterility and care and that is not something that is possible for everyone.” The link to the problem of white privilege, a common theme in Cop's practice, is quickly established, but the concept of gender inequality is also touched upon. White is the color of purity, virginity, something expected of the feminine, but also the title Folded : Whites is a reminder of the household tasks traditionally performed by women.

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